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Ceramic Coating and Car Detailing at Thein Total Detailing in Andover, MN

About Us – Thein Total Detailing in Andover, MN

Thein Total Detailing is a detailing business that focuses on Ceramic Coating, Detailing, Paint chip repairs, Paint Correction, Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, and offers the highest level of customer care from a team with extensive auto industry knowledge and expertise. We have the latest products at our disposal to give your car an exquisite, professional appearance.

Our Services

Paint protection film

Paint protection film is one of the best methods for maintaining your car. Everyday stresses are placed on your car’s exterior, and these stresses might eventually cause damage. Using paint protection film, you are shielded against the need for repairs due to paint oxidation, rusting, or scratches that pierce the clear coat.

Paint correction

Paint correction eliminates typical automotive paint flaws such as minor scratches, swirls, marring, bird droppings, and paint dullness

Window Tinting

The sun’s UV rays descend on your skin if you drive a lot during the day. These rays can hurt your skin, even through glass. Too much exposure can cause skin burns or redness, discoloration, early aging, or in severe situations, even skin cancer. The defense against these dangerous UV rays is one of the main justifications for getting window tinting. The film will protect you while driving by blocking up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the latest trend in the detailing industry and is becoming very popular. It protects against unforeseen environmental harm and stops UV rays from deteriorating the paint. The hydrophobic residue significantly simplifies the cleaning process, allowing water and filth to just roll off the vehicle. A vehicle with a ceramic coating will be gleaming with shine and maintain its appearance for years if cared for correctly.


Detailing involves a thorough cleaning by a qualified professional to restore your car to like new again. To make your car look new inside and out, automotive detailers use specialized cleaning products and tools.

Paint Chip Repair

The most obvious advantage of any automobile paint chip repair is that it can restore your vehicle’s appearance and fix the chipped paint issue to look like new.


Based on 54 reviews
Brandon Dickison
Brandon Dickison
Tate does a great job. Brought in my 2010 Dodge Viper for 5 year full body ceramic coating and detail. Everything looks awesome ! Highly recommend using Tate for any auto detail needs !
Robert E
Robert E
Jessie Norton
Jessie Norton
I was very impressed with my overall experience from start to finish. Tate is professional, detail oriented and takes pride in his work. He did a great job with the paint correction and 5 year full body ceramic coating including wheel wells on my 2018 GT 350 Shelby Mustang. I would highly recommend him.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Great job, my 6 year car looks brand new.
Amy Moore
Amy Moore
Thein Total Detailing detailed our work vehicles. Very impressed with Tate's work. Our vehicles we're beautifully detailed on the exterior and interior. Nate pointed out some issues that he saw while detailing the vehicles and then asked if we wanted to have him correct those issues. Very knowledgeable about the repair and the issues were taken care of. We would and do highly recommend Thein Total Detailing for your auto detailing.
Sabrina Thompson
Sabrina Thompson
Bbean Bean
Bbean Bean
Would highly recommend Thein Total Detailing. Brought in our mini van, well used by 4 children, and it looks almost brand new. Great job and worth every dollar.
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel
Impressive job on my bmw getting the soft touch car wash scratches out (I only use touch-less now) and making my interior mint. The service was fast and definitely a fair price for how much attention to detail there was. Highly recommended!
Abby Newland
Abby Newland
Tate did an amazing job on my vehicle. The service and quality we received was top notch. He came to my house while we were on vacation; which made it convenient to schedule. Would highly recommend Thein Total Detailing.

Why should you choose Thein Total Detailing?

Thein Total Detailing is a team of specialists with many years of experience and a profound grasp of cars. We use the best products available to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.

Exceptional Services

You will receive the most outstanding care possible when visiting Thein Total Detailing. Here, a crew with extensive training and expertise in car protection will offer you the highest caliber of assistance.

Offering all customers attractive and reasonable options

Depending on the extent of the paint surface damage to your automobile and your budget, Thein Total Detailing will recommend paint protection products to you. After reviewing the extent of your car’s damage, our detailers will suggest fixes and maintenance options.

Professional detailers

Only the best-detailing products and protective solutions available on the market will be used to give the greatest level of service by our highly qualified and thoroughly trained detailing specialists!

Get a quote

To restore the appearance and feel of your car, Thein Total Detailing in Andover, MN offers a wide variety of auto detailing services. We always use the best products and techniques to make your automobile look its best. Your car will receive a comprehensive inside and out cleaning from our highly trained team. When you see the impact our detailing services can make, you’ll be amazed. Visit our address at 3075 162nd Ln. NW, Andover, MN, 55304 or call at (763) 360 9876 to schedule an appointment.