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Thein Total Detailing offers the best detailing in Andover, MN



Car detailing is a tricky and laborious process, but the results are worth it! Professional auto detailers can take your car from its dullest state to like-new in just one session. They go through every inch of you ride not only on its exterior surfaces but also inside where dirt tends to accumulate more easily; they’ll even clean out any stains that have creeped up over time between washes and there’s no better way for keeping dust away than getting an interior cleaning package.

What does Car Detailing consist of?

Car detailing goes beyond a simple “car wash.” The process of cleaning and reconditioning your car from top to bottom, front to back, inside and out is known as automotive detailing, or car detailing, in contrast to a wash, which makes your car appear cleaner and more appealing.

Maintenance Program

A regular maintenance program for your car will ensure maximum performance while reducing the need for expensive repairs. Sometimes, even the most minor flaw that seems unimportant to you might result in a severe issue, raising the expense of your car’s upkeep.

Boats Detailing

Make sure the boat is well-maintained and looking stunning. Your boat can seem clean and new with the assistance of boat detailing. Since boats stay in the water, there is a good likelihood that water stains and marks may be visible. You can keep the boats looking clean and new with this procedure.

Exterior Detailing

Contaminants may also harm the vehicle’s glass, vinyl, and exterior metal components, reducing the durability of such elements. The car’s overall lifespan is increased by exterior detailing on all accessible surfaces.

RVs Detailing

It’s crucial to fully clean your RV before placing it in storage for the following season after an action-packed season of camping. Your RV may require severe maintenance after weeks of driving through various weather conditions and navigating through challenging campsites. You may attempt to clean your vehicle on your own, but hiring an RV detailing service will make the challenging job simple.

Interior Detailing

Cleaning your car’s interior involves several steps called “interior detailing.” To start, the carpets, floor mats, seats, and trunk are vacuumed, shampooed, and refreshed to eliminate crumbs, dust, and other dirt. We can restore an automobile to its original condition using our specialist finishing techniques.

What potential benefits might car detailing offer?

Car detailing improves the overall appearance of the vehicle. In today’s world, this is crucial.

Cleans up gunk

Cleaning gunk from the engine, which is brought on by the buildup of oil, dirt, and other foreign materials, is typically part of the auto detailing process. Your engine could overheat if this grime were to trap heat inside of it.

Car detailing can increase the lifespan of your vehicle

The longer your car lasts, the better maintenance you give it. One of the best ways to guard against your vehicle’s wear and tear is to detail it. A skilled detailer will thoroughly clean every crevice and remove any filth, dust, or debris that can eventually harm the vehicle.

Raises the resale value of cars

It is ideal for you to spend money on detailing if you intend to sell it. It gives protection, enhances its appearance, and preserves it in the best possible way.




  • Thorough blowout and vacuum of all carpet, upholstery, and crevices. 
  • All door panels, center counsel, trim pieces, steering wheel, and other plastic components wiped down. Floor liners pressure washed 
  • Door jams wiped down 
  • Windows cleaned inside and out streak free. 



  • Everything in silver package 
  • All crevices, cup holders, vents, etc. thoroughly scrubbed, steamed and conditioned. All upholstery either steam cleaned or shampooed (whichever is necessary). 
  • Door jambs pressure washed, scrubbed spotless, and waxed. 
  • Rainx sealant applied to exterior glass. 



  • Everything in gold package 
  • All seats, and kickplates removed and thoroughly cleaned 
  • All carpet is thoroughly scrubbed and shampooed 
  • Headliner is fully steam cleaned 
  • Seatbelts are steam cleaned 
  • Spare tire compartment is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and waxed. 
  • Ozone treatment to remove any smells. 
  • Carpet removal, pressure washed, and shampooed (additional $75) 
  • All plastic and leather treated with a long-term UV protectant coating. 
  • Exterior hand washed.




  • Wheel faces and tires degreased and dressed. 
  • Majority of bugs are chemically removed (some staining may remain) 
  • Full exterior hand wash and dry with microfiber mitts and towels. 
  • All water in cracks and crevices blown out and dried. 
  • Door jambs wiped down



  • Wheels, wheel wells, and tires are thoroughly cleaned, degreased, and dressed. Door jambs fully scrubbed, pressure washed, and waxed 
  • Engine bay is degreased, washed, and dressed with plastic conditioner 
  • All bugs and tar chemically removed 
  • Full exterior pressure wash, foam bath, and hand wash with microfiber mitts 
  • Emblems, gas door, window seals, front grill, and windshield cowl cleaned with a soft detail brush. Iron decontamination and clay-bar treatment on all paint and glass to remove embedded contaminants. Fully towel and blow dried with microfiber towels and hot air. 
  • 6-month sealant applied to all paint and glass. 
  • All exterior plastics protected with UV inhibitor. 



  • Everything in Gold Package 
  • Quick polish on all paint and glass to enhance gloss and remove small imperfections 1 year ceramic coating applied to all paint, glass, and plastic 
  • Wheels are removed and cleaned completely 
  • Suspension components are cleaned and waxed 
  • Wheel-well liners are removed to clean behind them. 
  • Undercarriage is pressure washed, degreased, and inspected for rust (treated if possible) Interior is vacuumed and wiped down.


Boat Detailing

Interior Detail: Average cost is around $300 for a 20 foot boat
Exterior Detail: Minimum $18 / foot

RV Detailing

Exterior Wash and Wax: Average cost is around $480 for a 30 foot camper.
Include 1 Step Polish: $18 per foot extra
Oxidation Removal: Average removal is around $30 per foot
Aluminum or Chrome Polish: Average cost between $400-$600
Ceramic Coating: Average cost is $4,500 for a 30 foot coach bus

Clean Car Club 

Here’s How It Works 

We come to your door to detail your vehicle every week, 2 weeks, or every month. This could mean  picking up your car and bringing it to our shop, or detailing it at your house or place of work. This will  keep your vehicle in top shape all the time, and you never have to worry about when you will bring your  vehicle to us because we come to you. Once a year, you get a complimentary full interior and exterior  detail which includes carpet shampoo, clay bar, paint enhancement and a 1 year ceramic coating on your vehicle (take’s the place of a maintenance detail). 

Thein Total Detailing offers the best detailing in Andover, MN

What Does Each Detail Include? 


  • Full interior vacuum and blowout 
  • Spot treat stains 
  • Full wipe-down of interior plastics 
  • Windows cleaned inside and out 
  • Protectant applied to all interior plastics 


  • Wheels faces and wheel wells cleaned and dressed. 
  • Bugs and tar removed 
  • Exterior is hand-washed and dried. 
  • Door jambs wiped down. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Once a week plan is $200 per month ($50 per visit) our best value 

Once every 2 week plan is $150 per month ($75 per visit) 

Once a month plan is $100 per month  

What Plan Is Right For Me? 

We recommend the once a week plan to the daily drivers or people with little kids that get messy. Or for  people who just really like having a clean car. 

We recommend our 2 week plan for those who drive their vehicles lightly or are pretty good about  keeping a clean vehicle, you normally don’t have passengers in your car.

We recommend our once a month plan for those people who often bring their cars to car washes in  between details and keep the interior fairly clean all the time.

How do I get Started? 

Schedule a full interior and exterior detail with us, this takes place at our shop and gets your car in like  new condition to start the maintenance off right. 

When you drop off the vehicle we can talk about the different plans and find out what fits you the best.  That’s it!



    Is it worth detailing a car?

    Absolutely! Having a car detailed has several advantages that go beyond aesthetic ones. A car detailing service may be beneficial in restoring a used car’s appearance and allowing the interior to breathe by removing smells like smoke.

    What is the distinction between an essential detail and a full detail?

    You’re totally in charge of this one! A wash, wax, and vacuum are part of the crucial details. Cleaning the inside and engine, conditioning leather, shampooing the carpet, and frequently even headlamp restoration are included in thorough detail.

    How much time do we need to detail a car?

    Depending on your car’s make, model, and condition, detailing takes a different amount of time. An exterior detail will typically take four hours while finishing the interior will take two to three hours.