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Is it good to ceramic coat your car?

You put effort into washing and maintaining your vehicle, but when it rains, stains and spots are left on the paint, making your car look old, dull, and faded. Furthermore, you feel awkward when you spend a long time cleaning your automobile only to realize it is still unclean a few days later. Rain-related impurities will collect and solidify on the paint surface, resulting in water stains. Because ceramic coating has a hydrophobic tendency, it will help your car repel water, bird droppings, rock chips, grime, and debris. Thein Total Detailing will show how ceramic coating benefits your vehicle in this post.

Good ceramic coating for car, Andover, MN, Thein Total Detailing

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

For consistent results, a liquid polymer ceramic coating is manually applied to your car. It creates a chemical bond with the original paint on your vehicle, offering an additional layer of defense. However, wax cannot be removed by washing the ceramic coating. As a result, you won’t need to apply it every few months again. It’s a long-lasting, semi-permanent bond, so it won’t disintegrate as rapidly as wax and will last considerably longer.

How is ceramic coating valuable for your car?

Additionally, protecting your car’s exterior with a ceramic coating keeps it looking brand new, which all drivers aspire to. The main benefits are as follows:

Antioxidant and UV protection

The paint on a car will start to oxidize if exposed to the sun, making it appear dull and faded. A ceramic coating shields a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s UV rays.

Chemical stain resistance

Another danger to your car is chemical browning, which is brought on by naturally acidic contaminants. Ceramic coating creates a surface resistant to chemicals, preventing pollutants from adhering to your car’s paint. Therefore, if the pollution is removed promptly enough, your vehicle will be less susceptible to etching and discoloration.

Gloss enhancement

Use ceramic coating for your paint if you want it to stand out with a shiny sheen. A high-quality ceramic coating deepens and clarifies the paint on your car by enhancing the reflecting qualities of the paint and clear coat. A high-quality ceramic coating also deepens and clarifies the paint on your vehicle.

How much time does ceramic coating a car take?

How quickly can you expect to get your automobile ceramic coated? Most of the ceramic coating process is spent on prep work, so things get much more straightforward once this is finished. The initial process is spent on prep work, so things get much more specific once this stage is finished. Depending on the car and its condition, installing a professional ceramic coating takes three to four days. If your vehicle is relatively new and doesn’t require a thorough cleaning, it might take two to three days to complete, but if it’s much older or has been exposed to more dirt and pollutants, it might take up to four days.

What is the durability of the ceramic coating?

Contrary to what some people might think, ceramic coatings are not irreversible. Even the highest quality ceramic coatings with 5-year warranties are speculative and dependent on several variables. The car’s protection will be destroyed by the sun, dust, grime, and other environmental elements if it is not kept in a garage or washed frequently. A high-quality ceramic coating should last for one to five years. Only a few types will last for seven years, but they are the most expensive and need frequent maintenance. It all depends on how well you take care of your car and what you put it through.

The durability of the ceramic coating, Andover, MN, Thein Total Detailing

Where should you get a ceramic coating for your car?

The expert detailers from Thein Total Detailing will apply the ceramic finish promptly and professionally. We’ll take excellent care of your vehicle. Thein Total Detailing, located at 3075 162nd Ln. NW, Andover, MN, 55304, offers various ceramic coating packages tailored to your requirements. You can make an appointment by calling (763) 360-9876 or emailing We promise not to let you down!