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Our Maintenance Services at Thein Total Detailing in Andover, MN

Clean Car Club 

Here’s How It Works 

We come to your door to detail your vehicle every week, every 2 weeks, or every month. This could mean picking up your car and bringing it to our shop, or detailing it at your house or place of work. This will keep your vehicle in top shape all the time, and you will never have to worry about when you will bring your vehicle to us because we will come to you. Once a year, you get a complimentary full interior and exterior detail that includes carpet shampoo, clay bar, paint enhancement, and a 1-year ceramic coating on your vehicle (takes the place of a maintenance detail). 

Thein Total Detailing offers the best detailing in Andover, MN

What Does Each Detail Include? 


  • Full interior vacuum and blowout 
  • Spot treat stains 
  • Full wipe-down of interior plastics 
  • Windows cleaned inside and out 
  • Protectant applied to all interior plastics 


  • Wheels faces, and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed
  • Bugs, and tar removed 
  • The exterior is hand-washed and dried
  • Door jambs were wiped down

What Plan Is Right For Me? 

We recommend the once-a-week plan for daily drivers or people with little kids that get messy. Or for people who just really like having a clean car. 

We recommend our 2-week plan for those who drive their vehicles lightly or are pretty good about keeping a clean vehicle. You normally don’t have passengers in your car.

We recommend our once-a-month plan for those who often bring their cars to car washes in between details and keep the interior fairly clean all the time.

How do I get started? 

Schedule a full interior and exterior detail with us. This takes place at our shop and gets your car in like-new condition to start the maintenance off right. 

When you drop off the vehicle, we can talk about the different plans and find out what fits you the best. That’s it!