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Should We Apply Ceramic Coating On Car Wheels?

Whether you have just purchased a new car or simply bought a set of new wheels for the one you already have, you may be wondering what the correct method is to safeguard your new investment. If you use wax or a sealer, the effects will only be temporary. However, a ceramic coating will keep your wheels glossy and looking in great condition for many years to come. Putting a ceramic coating on your wheels is an excellent way to protect them. Despite this, you are still responsible for keeping your wheels clean, but the cleaning process will be much easier with a ceramic coating installed. Much less effort is required to remove brake dust, tar, and road grime. If you want to find out more about coating your wheels and whether it might benefit you, continue reading this article by Thein Total Detailing


Reasons why you should apply ceramic coating on wheels

Cleaning wheels can be challenging.

When brake dust sticks to your wheels, it can be tough to remove. The majority of cleaning procedures used to remove pollutants from surfaces on your vehicle will not be sufficient to remove all the particles from your wheels. Consequently, wheel cleaning might become an ordeal, requiring a lot of time and energy. You will save both money and time throughout the vehicle’s lifetime if you can find a solution that prevents dirt and grime from sticking to your wheels and makes it simpler to clean them. Ceramic coating on wheels is the best solution for this.

The vulnerability of wheels.

The wheels of your automobile are the lowest part of the vehicle. As a result, they are more susceptible to damage from road debris than other environmental factors. The distance between your wheels and your brakes is just a few inches. When your brake pads grind against your rotors, brake dust is created. This brake dust has the potential to adhere to your wheels which can make them look old and dull. Because of all of these factors, the wheels on your automobile are susceptible to damage, making protection – ceramic coating – for them the best option.

The wheels of your car play a significant role in its appearance.

Wheels heavily influence the design and styling of your vehicle. As a result, unattractive wheels might detract from the appearance of the rest of your car. So it is important to keep your eyes on them and make sure they’re always looking in good condition! Do not let them start to look unappealing, dull and faded as it will affect the entire aesthetic of your car. Protect them with high quality ceramic coating applied by a trained specialist.

Why do you need to apply a coating to protect your wheels?

The painted parts of your car’s wheels wear out more quickly than the other parts of the vehicle since they are always in motion. The look of your wheels might be negatively impacted by hazards like flying pebbles and gravel, puddles on the road, and brake dust.

Ceramic wheel coatings will make the surface of your wheel smooth and prevent pollutants from remaining on the wheel long enough to cause harm. Because ceramic wheel coatings are hydrophobic, water beads up and rolls off, making it much simpler to keep your rims clean. 


Where is the best place to get ceramic coating for your wheels?

We provide expert detailing and car protection services here at Thein Total Detailing, including ceramic coating for the wheels of vehicles. We are located in Andover, Minnesota, our address is 3075 162nd Ln. NW. Please call us at (763) 360 9876 or email us at if you would like more information on the benefits of applying ceramic coating to your wheels.

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, a car, a motorcycle, or a truck, the talented crew at Thein Total Detailing can provide you with the most outstanding services possible for that vehicle. Book your appointment today